I am armed, I am ready,

I am guided by my duty,

No masks to hide who I am,

I wade through the smoke and chaos,

I challenge you to test my mettle,

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


You scamper and hide in these dark alleys,

To ash you turn my beautiful valley,

You strike from the sanctuary of crowds,

False prophets and death dealers in your head,

I may fall beneath the stones you hurl,

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


I am a soldier of the Tricolour, I walk proudly wrapped in the banner,

I am bound to this land same as you,

But I am ready to march and die protecting,

Even the likes of you,

Under your blows I will not buckle

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


Call your crusade whatever you like,

Follow which ever Devil you may find,

You are an abated captive of a poisonous thought,

And you didn’t even put up a fight.

I am here to protect what is ours, but I will not settle,

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


If my words fail, if fury still blurs your vision,

Meet me face to face on an open field,

Let us test our conviction.

I am the will of a billion hearts,

And when the dust settles after our brief battle,

I shall tower above you and you shall see BOY,



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