I am armed, I am ready,

I am guided by my duty,

No masks to hide who I am,

I wade through the smoke and chaos,

I challenge you to test my mettle,

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


You scamper and hide in these dark alleys,

To ash you turn my beautiful valley,

You strike from the sanctuary of crowds,

False prophets and death dealers in your head,

I may fall beneath the stones you hurl,

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


I am a soldier of the Tricolour, I walk proudly wrapped in the banner,

I am bound to this land same as you,

But I am ready to march and die protecting,

Even the likes of you,

Under your blows I will not buckle

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


Call your crusade whatever you like,

Follow which ever Devil you may find,

You are an abated captive of a poisonous thought,

And you didn’t even put up a fight.

I am here to protect what is ours, but I will not settle,

Hear me BOY, I am IMMORTAL


If my words fail, if fury still blurs your vision,

Meet me face to face on an open field,

Let us test our conviction.

I am the will of a billion hearts,

And when the dust settles after our brief battle,

I shall tower above you and you shall see BOY,




They chant my name, with fire in their hearts they scream,
They call me saviour who wandered out of a wise mystic’s dream,Rama Lament
I buried their villain, they say I washed the earth’s soul clean,
But I smile at them with a heavy heart,

For I miss my beloved queen.

They marvel at me and say I am God’s decree,
They say I am a prophet of virtue and duty,
They cling to me for meaning, parade me in gilded castles,
But I am hollow just as my inanimate life,

For I miss my beloved wife.

I was only godly with her by my side,
I was only a King when I felt her strength nearby,
I was only a Man when her hand was in mine,
Only for her did I make the heavens kneel,

Oh, how I miss my beloved queen.

My father always told me to follow my heart,
Why did my earthly duty tear it apart,
I sit atop a golden tower as my people hope and pray,
I breathe in the clouds they only marvel at, but it tastes so damn stale,

Oh, how I miss my beloved wife.

Rebirth, this power may be mine,
But how can I redeem myself, no other can play her part,
I once roamed the earth as Narsimha, a grotesque beast,
But he protected his child, he had more of a heart,

Oh, how I miss my beloved queen.

I turned my back on her, and she returned to the nurturing earth,
Even death can’t reunite us, my divinity is my curse,
I see her in the grace of all creation,  I see her in the compassion of our sons,
They will be better men, as her love mocks me the same,
Let humanity see, even a God hangs his head in shame.

Oh, how I miss my beloved wife.