A Prayer to the God of Rebellion

ImageAyushman Jamwal

Lord give me strength to rise and resist,
Let my will be iron, yet my heart gentle,
Let my malice fuel my goodwill,
Unshackle me from the chains of my world,
Lift my thoughts with wings to soar endlessly,
Give me words to stir sleeping hearts,
Give me voice to pierce all veils,
Give me the comfort of conviction so I persevere.

Shield my spirit from all ill words,
Let me not shudder at the force of blows,
Let not fear overcome my resolve,
Let not anger tempt me to take up arms,
Let faith guide me to stand my ground.
May it carry me beaten and bloody, to tomorrow.

Let my spirit become infectious,
Let my deeds guide the lost and restless,
To find the strength they always had.
Let us rise in a calm bond of brotherhood,
Let injustice fear our belief.

Let me not fear defeat or death,
Let me not fear being forgotten,
Let my defiance sustain my soul,
Let it remain with me ever after.

Let me perish draped in a banner of my making,
Let my ashes ride winds across the world,
Let my memory hoist a new sun for tomorrow,
Let me breathe beyond existence, forevermore.